The end of meat as we know it


If you are still in the meat-eating majority of the population there may be convincing, non-meat alternative to chicken on the horizon. 

Beyond Meat, a company that focuses on the processed reproduction of meats, recently came up with an alternative to chicken that convinced WIRED’s food critic Alton Brown to consider eating it despite his devout love of animal products.


According to the author, “the more I chew—the more I actually feel the product breaking down meatily in my mouth—the more I think these guys may be onto something.”

While the product is far away from mass production, the company’s CEO believes that the product will be of great success as it is healthier than chicken without the cost of chicken as food stock.

“Beyond Meat ships Chicken-Free Strips to 39 states, the District of Columbia, and Vancouver, Canada,” according to the article. “The product was first used by retail prepared-foods departments. But in April, Whole Foods started selling Beyond Meat products directly to consumers.”

To read more about the process of making the psuedo-chicken click here.