Relationships: Halloween Hookups

Jillian Kolman

Halloween love (Photo courtesy of DeathStarCosplay on DeviantArt)

Do you know any cute how-we-met stories that happened on Halloween? Yeah, me neither. You might not find your soulmate on this spooky holiday, but that doesn’t mean romance won’t be involved at all.

Every year, Hallo-weekend has many fun parties to offer. Parties full of Harley Quinns, Waldos, Trump re-enactors and walking puns. With so many people pumped up on booze and the anonymity of a costume, hook-ups are bound to happen! There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when there’s an added magical element in the air.


Let’s try to remember at all times, but on Halloween especially, that classy is sexy. It’s a personal choice whether or not someone wants to keep those boobs, butts and bulges covered. Guys, if she’s dressed as a playboy bunny, that doesn’t mean she is yours to touch. Ladies, just because he’s going as Mike, doesn’t mean his Magic is yours for the taking. People tend to get crazier on Halloween and forget the standard hookup rules. So, just remember, keep those hands to yourself unless it’s mutually agreed upon! Consent is key.

Being superficial is not okay, but if you’re into hooking up then it’s usually part of the deal. So, another curveball that Halloween makes you consider are masks. No, Michelle Obama did not decide to make an appearance at this party. But if she’s throwing you vibes from across the room all night, make sure you’re into the person behind the mask before you reciprocate.

Parties not your scene? With this year’s added element of “which clowns can you trust and which should you run from”, it’s pretty understandable to prefer pumpkin carving over pumpkin ale. It might be the perfect time to ask that cutie from stats class that you’ve been eyeing all semester to check out a haunted house or maybe a corn maze. There’s nothing like being scared shitless to bring to people together!

Regardless of how your Halloween goes, if you’re planning to have any intimate relations, don’t forget to stay safe put a wrapper on that Snickers bar! Also, if your plans fell through, you’re friends left you hanging, you haven’t caught wind of any good parties, or you just don’t feel like going out, no worries! Don’t get down about it, there’s always going to be more Halloweens. Plus, there is NO shame in watching Hocus Pocus with a giant bowl of Kit Kats. Enjoy the holiday, and stay safe!

Collegian writer Jill Kolman can be reached at or on Twitter at @JillKolman. Leave a comment!