Nataleah and the Nation: Voting

Nataleah Small

Are you exhausted? Do you want this election cycle to end? Do you wish you could silence all the political ads on TV, the radio and YouTube? Does thinking about the next four years make you break out in hives?

There’s a solution to your problem: Go Vote!


I promise it’s the best thing out there to cure your election season blues. For the past year, party politicians have been battling one another, promoting themselves and attempting to win your vote. They know that the process has made you lethargic, irritable and awkwardly hangry. They know because they, and the majority of the American public, share your sentiments.

But I promise, your year of suffering through this nightmare will have a pay-off. And you can dictate the outcome. Why have politicians pandered to your needs, criticized each other’s hands, called each other dirty names and questioned the fabric of our democracy? They want your vote.

All they want is for you to send in your ballot or go to a polling place and make your voice heard. They want you, they need you! If you choose not to vote, then all this suffering will have been for naught.

Don’t regret that you didn’t vote. Don’t choose to not vote. Don’t give up on democracy. Don’t be intimidated by attack ads

vote 1.png
Courtesy of Pixabay

. Don’t question your instincts. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

America is the world’s oldest and strongest democracy (democratic republic). We’re just going through a rough patch, a very rough patch. But if you care at all about what the founding fathers fought for, then you will exercise your right to vote. Our democratic system has been going strong for 240 years. That’s a monumental accomplishment.

Don’t give up on democracy. Don’t assume that the system is too broken to fix. Don’t turn your back on politics and the government.

Yes, it’s messy. It will always be messy. The candidates running are not saints, but that’s only because we don’t elect saints. We elect representatives who have made mistakes but care enough about this country to change it, better it and strengthen it.

You might not like the choices you have for President. On one hand, you have a pandering Wall Street democrat who has shattered the glass ceiling. On the other hand, you have a pompous real estate tycoon who labeled conspiracy theories as facts and facts as conspiracy theories.

Obviously, no saints decided to run in this election. They all moved to Canada.


But nevertheless, it is your civic duty to vote. If you don’t like the two major candidates, vote third party. If you don’t care about the presidency, consider the senators. If you don’t care about ballot measures, at least pretend that you have an opinion on tax policy. The results of this election will directly impact your life. Don’t let your voice go unheard.

America, it is time to make your decision. The year of waiting and brooding and back-biting and uncomfortable family dinners will soon be over. We will receive the results of the election on the ninth of November. Don’t let this moment slip away.

vote 2.jpgThis is your opportunity. Don’t throw away your shot. Don’t let this election go to waste.

This is America: a nation of loud, ruckus, immigrants that want to change things, fix things, strengthen things. You are part of this nation. Do your duty as a citizen and vote.

It’s easy, it’s necessary, it’s important.

Don’t stay at home binge-watching Stranger Things on November 8th.

Get off the sofa and go vote.

Collegian writer Nataleah Small can be reached at or on Twitter at @NataleahJoy.