BeerMe: Beer Phone

Courtney Fromm



iPhone, Android and Beer lovers pull out your phones. An app that will change your perspective on beer and increase your love for The Mayor of Old Town has arrived.

This app was created for you as a customer of the popular Fort Collins restaurant. The Mayor has 100 beers on tap and is continuously rotating different products into their bar to allow drinkers from all over the Fort Collins community to get the opportunity to try them. The video above gives you a brief overview of how much this app can really do.

The app is updated every time they switch out any tap. It is an easy way to scroll through a virtual “behind the bar” scene, where you can scan the taps quickly. When you find something you are interested in, click and receive more information on it, including ABV level, type of beer and other interesting facts. You are also able to add beers to your favorites. Say you like sour beer – add it to your favorites and the app can notify you when they have that specific sour beer on tap or when they tap any other sour beer.

The app is not just about beer – they also have their menu, special events coming up at The Mayor and your own beer journal so you can remember your favorites every time you go in. It’s easy to see that the owners of The Mayor of Old Town truly want their guests to enjoy every experience of their restaurant, even when you are at home.

Go download the app today!



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