Active Lifestyles: The power of a workout buddy

Hayley Blackburn

I really turned the corner on my health and fitness after I met the best workout partner in the world: Preston. Finding someone that enjoys being active as much as you do can be a huge asset in your active lifestyle. Support is a crucial key to success that can help you through roadblocks, provide motivation, and keep you honest with your goals.

Finding the perfect workout buddy requires more than swapping schedules. You need someone who can push you without being overly competitive. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the hard truth but doesn’t tear you down. Someone that wants to be healthy and active just as much as you do. With those qualities in mind, you can find the workout buddy that is perfect for you.


Reasons why Preston is my perfect workout buddy

We got up at 3 A.M. for a sunrise hike to Horsetooth Rock. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn


Preston has the motivation and discipline to go to the gym six days a week. As much as I love an active lifestyle, some days I only make it over to Miramont because Preston is getting in the car. He will go whether I want to or not, and this quality makes him a huge motivator. Just knowing how disciplined he is, helps me evaluate my own commitments. Try to find someone in your life who can look up to and already is active (or at least really sincerely wants to be active long-term).



Preston getting his bicep curls in at the CSU Rec Center. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn


Because Preston had been living an active lifestyle for awhile, he was my Jedi master when I was just starting out. I learned so much by talking to him about health, fitness, and nutrition. On top of being knowledgeable, he was incredibly eager to share his know-how. Try to find a buddy who knows what they are doing or is willing to learn with you.


Open to new experiences

One Saturday, we walked four miles to visit the CSU Gardens. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn

Preston knows what works for his goals, yet he is always willing to try a new activity that I want to do. We go for hikes and walks. He has tried yoga. He will do cardio with me when I really want to stay an extra 10 minutes. If you have a workout buddy who is willing to branch out with you, you may have found the one.



Even while at Water World, he stills reps the salad for lunch. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn


Preston and I are the perfect fit couple match up because we are both dedicated to the lifestyle. We both WANT to make time in our days to exercise. We both WANT to eat vegetables and lean meat for dinner. We both WANT to keep junk food out of the house. Finding the perfect workout buddy means finding someone who will help you through the journey. Find someone who wants to be dedicated, so that when you start slipping— they are there to pull you back on the wagon. You will be more successful when you have someone else there to keep you on track.

Living an active life is so much fun with friends. Photo credit: Hayley Blackburn



Changing your lifestyle can be hard, but you don’t have to go it alone. This week I challenge you to ask your friends if they want to go to the gym with you over the weekend. Tweet me a picture of you and your workout buddy.

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