Seriously: In an attempt to boost self-confidence, woman shows roommates areola

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

Too ashamed to show her face, sexy pajama girl goes back to her comfy pj's (Photo courtesy of Marmella via Flickr)
Too ashamed to show her face, sexy pajama girl Kayla Richerdson has reverted back to her comfy pj’s after the unfortunate incident and has sworn off Parks and Rec (Photo courtesy of Marmella via Flickr)

Kayla Richerdson, a junior studying anthropology, was in the midst of difficult times. Several jobs and increasingly difficult classes were causing the CSU student to feel stressed and unappreciated.

“It was tough, but I was okay. But then I watched a tv show that ruined everything,” said Richerdson.


Richerdson was watching Parks and Rec one fateful night and heard characters talking about treating themselves.

“I heard Aziz Ansari say ‘Treat yo self’ and that was it,” said Richerdson.

The third-year student decided she would buy some new clothes to feel better. She stumbled upon some sexy pajamas and decided that would be the cure to her woes.

“They were kind of soft and lacy. I just felt really good in them, but it all happened so fast,” said Richerdson.

That evening, Richerdson wore her new pajamas in her apartment. While in a conversation with her two male roommates, she discovered the areola of her left breast was completely exposed. According to Richerdson, this was the worst moment of her life.

Her roommates were not entirely pleased with the situation either.

“I hardly know the person,” said Taylor Wix, who has been living with Richerdson since August. “I really wasn’t ready for that kind of intimacy.”

Wix said that he hopes to forget what he saw soon so that he can again look Richerdson in the eyes.

“I had imagined seeing that part of her before, just in a very different context,” said Jon Larmei, Richerdsen’s other roommate.

Who knew retail therapy could put you in therapy?


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