Seriously: After being asked a question that the syllabus answers, professor turns into a Mega Charizard and sets classroom on fire

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

File006Charizard-Mega Ypng
Mega Charizard Y (Photo courtesy of Bulbepedia)

On Tuesday, students were shocked to the see their Calculus professor morph into a Pokémon character and proceed to set the classroom on fire.

“It all started when Ryan Highler asked a question,” said eye-witness and sophomore biomedical major Alyesha Evens. “It was just a question.”


According to other Calculus students, the question was unique in that the course syllabus clearly answered it. Said syllabus was distributed on the first day of class, coupled with the instructions to read it thoroughly.

Highler apparently did not follow those instructions.

Highler asked his question and the classroom went silent. After a brief moment of stillness, the professor began to morph in an orange dragon that had flames coming out of its tail.

“Oh, I’m confident he turned into a Mega Charizard. It wasn’t just any dragon,” said Calculus student and senior health and exercise major Joey Montez. “I can recognize that evolution easily.”

Montez said the way his professor shot “a continuous beam of purple flames” all over the classroom was one of the many tell-tale signs he had evolved into Mega Charizard Y.

The classroom is said to be ready for use by next week, as desks were only slightly singed.

The professor was unable to be reached for comments after he flew through a burning hole in the roof. We are still attempting to collect badges to make him obey us.

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