NightLife: Drink up at Dungeons and Drafts

Anna Hoover

(Photo courtesy of Dungeons and Drafts)

A beer is always good, but costumes make it better!! At Dungeon and Drafts, you can get a discount by wearing a costume to to enjoy a drink, delicious food and board games!!!

Dungeons and Drafts, located 1624 S. Lemay Ave, “is a tavern for geeks and gamers” with themes from many video games, TV shows, movies and more.


It’s not the best place to look for a one-night stand, so if you’re looking to score, it’s not for you. It is definitely a fun bar to bring friends, for a casual date, and for anybody who simply wants to enjoy a tavern atmosphere.

This tavern is friendly to all ages, except at certain special events. So beware, no harassing or heckling is allowed!!

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(Photo courtesy of Dungeons and Drafts)

Can’t drink alcohol? Do not fret, this tavern comes equipped with delicious non-alcohol drinks! My personal favorite is the Ravenclaw.

“We offer local microbrews, a variety of geek-themed drinks, assorted appetizers and sandwiches all in the setting of a medieval tavern,” said Manny and Melissa Garza, the owners of the establishment.

Hungry? Be ready for a hearty meal as you choose from a medieval menu. You can chow down while playing a variety of board games stored near the entrance or one you brought with you.

(Photo courtesy of Dungeons and Drafts)

Come and browse the many shelves or look up favorites in the game binders available to peruse at your table.

“We provide a library of games ranging from the traditional-geek to the modern-casual,” said the Garzas.

Don’t like their games? Add suggestions to their gaming library on their website survey.

In addition to games, food and amazing beer, they have events for just about everyone. Some of the events are 18+, but even the all-age events are fun to attend. The full list of events, including their versions of Oktoberfest and Halloween, are on their Facebook page. Some of their previous events are also commemorated on Facebook in the video section, including Manny Garza and others showing off their dance moves.

“[We] devoted our time and all of our resources to creating a hangout welcoming of geeks, nerds and all types of people wanting to feel welcome,” said Manny Garza.


This tavern setting includes shields, cobblestone walls and various artwork from fellow geeks that set the medieval tone. The staff is friendly and engaging with both spectators and costumed characters.

People who would like to test their costumes and outfits for various events are welcomed, and even encouraged with discounts, at Dungeons and Drafts. Besides, it’s sometimes fun to get dressed up even though it’s not halloween (yet).

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