BeerMe: The First Day of “School”

IMG_5688.jpgEven though I am a native Coloradan, I have never been a beer drinker. I always found it hard to know what to order and didn’t know that beers have different ABV (alcohol by volume) levels – I thought it was all the same. After this semester, however, I know I will be able to confidently go in to any bar, no matter how many beers are on tap, and order exactly what I want.

How, you ask? Thanks to The Mayor of Old Town.


The Mayor is a bar that has over 100 Beers on tap – yes, 100 – and the owners are continuously bringing in new flavors to keep up with the season and the beer trends all over the world. This bar is owned and operated by a local couple that “strives to bring the Fort Collins brewing and beer drinking community together over a pint of beer”. To continue that motto, they are now offering residents of Fort Collins to come take a free class to learn about all different types of beer. Introducing, Beer 101!

IMG_5690.jpgI have been able to attend two classes so far and this is what goes down. Each week a different representative from a local brewery or disruptor comes in and talks about the “it beers” of that week for around 15 minutes. You will purchase the flight of beers being discussed (only $6.00), which grants you with four total samples. Now don’t get discouraged when I say the word “sample,” because I don’t mean shot glass size tester. You will receive enough beer to be able to sip, smell and sip again throughout the presentation of the keynote speaker. Remember, the owners want you to learn about these beers and decide what tastes attend to your palette, which takes the physical presence of the beer in and around your five senses. Once the speaker is finished, you are able to ask questions, order a beer or food, or simply hang out finishing your flight (remember, it is four total beers) and soak up the knowledge you gained from your first Beer 101 class.

What have I gained so far? A range of tastes and facts about beer that can lead to great conversations and so much more. Stay tuned for weekly updates about each meeting.

IMG_5692.jpgInterested in attending? If you are over the age of 21, come and join us in class every Thursday night at 7pm at The Mayor in Old Town. Ask one of the friendly staff to show you where we are sitting (hopefully keeping it on the patio until that Colorado winter sets in) and get ready to get beer educated. It is a friendly and light atmosphere where everyone is welcome to start or continue their journey of beer knowledge. I hope to see you there.

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