Nightlife: Game night, who is playing?

Anna Hoover

Game night, planned or impromptu, can either challenge a friendship or make a night to remember. The best games are games that will create memories. So bring some chips and dip or some drinks and start a night that will last forever. Here are some games you might consider for your next night in.




This game is one that can break apart families, so beware! It’s a great game, but it can take several hours to complete and almost always encourages cheating. Keep an eye on the banker!!


It’s a military game that requires patience and a fair amount of luck! It can be a dicey game between players as you attempt invade other countries. Try not to let the power go to your head!!


Become a detective as you solve a murder case that can seem like something from a tv-show, but was in this game long before as you move around the rooms to gather clues in order to solve this game. Don’t forget to write down all your clues and keep them to yourself in order to win!

Ticket to Ride®

Ticket to ride is a strategy game, be careful who your enemies are as you try to make your destination. This game is fun and comes with several themed locations to explore, pick your favorite!


A fast paced game that always makes laughs, especially when you pull three 4+ cards in a row! Simple but fun, and easy to set up.

Apples to Apples®

There are themed versions of the game (*cough* Disney®) that can make this game even more appealing as you play with people’s sense of humor.


The game that is all about vengeance, creates both laughter and tears. Can get multiple themed versions, or get the similar and super simple Trouble®, to make it even more interesting.

The Game of Life®

As we are in and heading out of college, the game of life is becoming ever more a reality. What better way to practice and prepare than playing a game of life with friends?


This game challenges friend against friend on who knows more spellings, but can be entertaining as the words get sillier and sillier. Rack up those points and have a quixotry in mind!


An oldie but classic, never fails to pass the time and is relaxing. Have a drink or two and sit back to play a game with a friend.



An older game based off the stock market, be careful where you play as it can get kind of loud. Trade stock, corner the market, and win in this quick game.


Tip: Still want to go out? Stop by the Dungeons and Drafts to play board games before enjoying a comic-con® themed meal. They have a collection that includes many of these and more!

Nightlife Writer Anna Hoover can be reached at or on Twitter @Hoovanna_Disny.