Nightlife: Food Trucks Tuesdays

Anna Hoover

Photo by FoCo Food Truck Alliance
Photo by McKenzie Coyle Photography

Want to get off campus and experience FoCo with your new roommates? Bring them along and explore City Park with some delicious food from some of FoCo’s favorite food trucks. 



Every Tuesday evening, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., there is a food truck rally in City Park. The event takes place on Sheldon Dr., just a five-minute walk from the towers on the northwest corner of campus. The rallies will continue until the end of September, so it’s a perfect way to start the semester right.

This is a fun, simple event with a large variety food, including barbecue, frozen soft-serve, fruit, tacos, mac-n-cheese, waffles, lobster, and sandwiches of every kind. You can even find some cheap clothes for sale!!

There will be some food trucks in attendance that are perfect for those with dietary restrictions, including dairy and gluten-free vendors, as well as vegan and vegetarian options! So don’t worry, there will be plenty of food for everybody. 

Even as the food trucks pack up at dusk, there are still plenty of people enjoying the food and hanging out in the park with frisbees, glow-in-the-dark hula hoops and blankets. If this sounds like your scene, bring some music and plan on staying until after dark.

If you don’t want to walk there, or walk back home after dark, there are plenty of parking options available near or in the park. Don’t forget to carpool by bringing a friend! Or, if you do walk to or from, remember, there is safety in numbers, so make sure to drag a couple of friends along. 

Want to know more specifics? You can find this event on Facebook by visiting the FoCo Food Truck Alliance page, where they list the names of all the food trucks that will be in attendance every week. Come early if classes don’t run late, bring a book or a board game, just have fun and relax. Bring some snacks for a picnic-in-the-park experience, away from campus and the multitude of syllabi that we will all have to sort through.

Bon appétit!

Nightlife Writer Anna Hoover can be reached at or on Twitter @Hoovanna_Disny.


*Addendum: Article was edited to reflect proper attribute to the featured photo. The photo was taken by McKenzie Coyle Photography