Seriously: Local mother worries son’s new girlfriend is a tramp

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

Although she “liked” the Facebook status that claimed her second-born son was “In a Relationship”, local mother Kathryn Richards has her concerns.

“She sure seems to dress … interestingly,” said Richards, a 52-year-old mother of three.


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Richards works as an insurance broker, and says she only wants the best for her son.

“What really matters is that my boy is happy,” said Richards. “And it sure looks like he’s happy. Well, maybe I’m just not convinced this it the girl for him, you know?”

Richards expressed concerns about her son’s new girlfriend’s tattoos. According to the insurance broker, her son never seemed like the kind of person who would be into “that stuff”.

“That girl sure seems to be spunky,” said Richards. “I never imagined Sammy would be with someone like that.”

According to Sam Richards, this behavior is not unusual coming from his mother, but he’s not concerned for the future of his relationship.

“I’m not surprised my mom’s acting weird, but I’m not worried about it,” said Sam Richards. “My older brother is bringing a man to the next family get-together, so I’m sure the attention will shift away from me and my girlfriend.”

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