Nightlife: What to do when you have nowhere to go

Anna Hoover

When you are meeting up with friends, and that inevitable moment comes where everyone wants to go out but can’t decide on a place to go, a nearby mall is always a safe option. The Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, for example, is a convenient stop with something for everyone.

The Plaza at the Foothills mall is a great place to hang out for food and includes a great view for those sitting outside, where you can watch the fountains go off in elaborate displays of water and light. There are plenty of eat-in restaurants around the square, and for those looking to do something, there’s a movie theater with those comfy, recliner seats or plenty of stores to window shop around while catching up with friends. 


If Foothills Mall sounds like your next Saturday afternoon romp, here are some shops that are always fun to look through:

Hot Topic ©

This is always one of my favorite shops to go to. There are fandom supplies from most of the popular movies and TV shows, Disney © trinkets, gaming and goth attire, band apparel, and other unique and quirky items that give this store character. Even if going into a Hot Topic © is an entirely new experience, don’t be scared off! The people who work there are almost always incredibly nice, and they usually have something on sale. 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ©

It is always a good time for chocolate! There’s all types of candy in this store, with items that will satisfy any sweet tooth, guaranteed. It’s also fun just to see what they can make out of chocolate, or to taste test just how yummy everything is (just ask!). Don’t forget to get your picture taken with the large teddy bear that usually hangs out in or just outside of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory © shops, as it makes for a great Facebook © pic.

Bath and Body Works ©

It’s almost impossible to pass by this store without noticing it; it smells so good! For anybody who loves to spoil their skin and pamper themselves, any of the soaps and lotions here make great gifts for your friends, or for you! It’s also fun to see if the different scents can give insight into different personalities, so ask around in your friend group to see who likes what. 


There’s more than a dozen other stores open at the Foothills mall, not including the eight restaurants open now and the shops and food outlets that will be opening soon as they approach the end of construction!


For more information on the Foothills mall in Fort Collins, check out to see events, upcoming grand openings, and which stores are open now.

Also check out the Summer Sundays concert series at the Foothills Mall, happening every Sunday at 6 p.m. with live music on the east lawn!

Nightlife Writer Anna Hoover can be reached at or on Twitter @Hoovanna_Disny.