Active Lifestyles: Why you should start hiking

Katy Mueller


I have been super uninspired to run or lift weights lately. I feel like my exercise routine has become monotonous and a bit predictable. So, instead of running, I have been trying to hike more in the hills and mountains near me, and it has been amazing.


The last few times I’ve gone out, it feels as if I’ve had more room to breathe. I am not surrounded by cars, streets, or other humans. It is just me, a few friends, beautiful trees, flowers and views. I get to chat with my friends and push myself in a completely natural, unpaved environment.

It occurred to me that I am not only tired of the act of running or lifting, I was also tired of being surrounded by a concrete jungle, always engulfed by exhaust fumes in the air, noises from man-made machinery, and a lack of nature. Being outdoors gives me a new form of exercise and refreshes my soul. I come back to my house feeling refreshed and happy to be there.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your exercise routine, or maybe life in general, I encourage you to give hiking a try.

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