Bottoms up: an interesting experience at Dungeons & Drafts

Ashley Haberman

This hidden, quirky bar has a very different experience from your typical night out. A wall of board games towers over the front register, tankards (four ounces more than a pint) hang from the walls and ceilings and the ambience reminded me of a castle straight from the Renaissance.

But their cocktail list reminded me of a bartender gone too wild.


The Romunlan Ale, lavender liqueur, citrus vodka, Limoncello, Monin lavender syrup, lemonade, ginger ale and muddled blueberries was over-the-top and full of way too many different liquors.  The small ice cubes reminded me of drinking soda pops from fast-food restaurants and the “muddled” blueberries were anything but.

A Romulan Ale from Dungeons & Drafts at 1624 S Lemay Ave #6 (Photo: Ashley Haberman)
A Romulan Ale from Dungeons & Drafts at 1624 S. Lemay Ave. No. 6. (Photo: Ashley Haberman.)

Though I didn’t venture past the Romulan Ale experience, I was quite astounded by some of the other cocktail options. The Phoenix Down, 1800 Tequila, Tuaca, Limoncello, Gran Marnier, orange blossom water, orange juice, Sierra Mist, cream and grenadine sounds like a hangover waiting to happen.

Though I will say their draft beer list provided a good, well-rounded selection and the food menu looked interesting, Dungeons & Drafts is not the place for enjoying cocktails.

But if you’re a gamer and like sipping drafts, it could be the place for you.

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