Active Lifestyles: Sneaky ways to add more exercise to your day

Katy Mueller


Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in a workout when you feel like the day is already so jam packed. However, no matter what the day holds, it is important to get a little movement in. It helps your immune system, skin, and energy levels immensely, so you really don’t want to skip working out all together. So, behold, my 4 sneaky ways to add in a bit of exercise to your day without even having to plan it out.


1. Ride your bike places

Honestly, this is the easiest thing ever. If you are going to your friends house or a grocery store that is only two miles away, just hop on your bike! You don’t have to ride so fast you get sweaty, and the time it takes to get there is almost the same. You will maybe add on 5 minutes extra time, but I am telling you, the calories you burn start to add up quickly.

2. Do calf raises while standing around

When you are brushing your teeth, do some calf raises and tone that booty! Cooking pasta? Lunge around your house while you wait for it to be done. There are so many odd spaces of down time that are perfect for squeezing in a mini workout.

3. When watching a movie, play a little workout game

I was gonna suggest doing sit-ups during commercials, but let’s be honest, Netflix is bae. So, instead, play a game with your friends where you assign a mini exercise to an action and every time a character does it, you get on the floor to do that exercise. For example, in Harry Potter, every time Harry touches his scar, you’d have to get down and do 10 pushups. You get the drill.

4. Dance right when you wake up

I am serious, right when you get out of bed, throw on some music and dance to a couple songs to get your body moving. After 2 or 3 songs, you will find that you just fit in a mini cardio workout.

These sneaky little ways to add in cardio are perfect for the days when you can’t get a workout in or just want a little extra oomph in your day. Try them out and see the difference it will make!

Collegian blogger Katy Mueller can be contacted at or on Twitter @katymueller.