Active Lifestyles: places to buy cheap workout gear

Katy Mueller


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Now that it is summer and everyone is dying to get outside, some of us may need some new fitness wear and equipment to do the activities we love.

I just bought new running shoes and it makes me feel excited to put them on to work out every day, so I know personally that replacing a couple of old things is a nice way to motivate yourself to get out the door. No matter what the activity, there is generally a place in Fort Collins or online that you can find new or gently-used gear for less than full value.

1.The Gearage

This place is pretty sweet. They are located in Old Town and the store is a second-hand outdoor gear shop. they literally have everything an outdoor lover needs. I bought a new bike there and I love it. The employees are super nice, helpful and love their jobs. Other things they sell are hiking boots, skis, rock-climbing gear, tents, kayaks, jackets and literally just about anything else you could possibly need for your next outdoor adventure.

2. Nordstrom Rack

By the Foothills Mall, this store was a surprise to me actually. I never think of them when I think of exercise stuff — I usually think of designer wear or jewelry. However, they sell all sorts of great exercise gear. They have tons of Nike, Under Armour and Adidas stuff for way cheaper than the original price. And the stuff isn’t like the really old clothes that get sold to Ross or something (nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s just a little hit-or-miss when you are trying to find clothes there). They have new, just-released things that are really fun and cool-looking. Also, they sell a ton of Nike training shoes at this store, so if you are looking for the nicer brands of workout gear for cheaper, this is the place to go.

3. Target

I dig this store for their workout gear. Yeah, it’s no Lulu’s or Nike, but their stuff is actually worth the price. It’s not that expensive and you definitely are getting what you pay for when it comes to their clothes. I really enjoy their workout tanks — not too shabby and fairly fashionable.


This store is great, too. It’s actually a website, but whatever. Check it out — they have every brand you could ever hope for on their site. Basically it’s a “store” that just sells what other places don’t, which makes the prices insanely cheaper. You can find just about anything. Their site is really easy to navigate as well, and it’s super customer-friendly.

In college, no one should be paying full price for workout clothes. There are tons of places to find the same-quality stuff but for a better price to get you excited for the summer.

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