Seriously: sad, sad man plays lonely game by himself because he’s alone

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

A local unidentified man sat in the corner of a coffee shop Friday morning by himself. He sat at a table that had no other people sitting at it. The man appeared to be playing a game on his computer completely alone.

On his table sat one coffee cup for one person because the man was alone. The scene appeared devastatingly vacant.


At a slow pace, the man interacted with the game on his screen. The game looked to be the only interaction the man had all morning.

He did not have to take turns because he was alone with no one to play with.  

The man was focused but had no one near him to share his problems with. It looked like he could use a shoulder or a hug, but alas, he had nobody.

Perhaps, if he had a friend, he would not have to play alone, but he was completely lonely.

UPDATE: The man was playing Solitaire, which is apparently a game played completely by one’s self. The man may not have been sad at all. He could have possibly been entirely satisfied with his lonely game. It is also possible he was playing for metaphorical purposes, like George Milton in “Of Mice and Men.” What an interesting man.

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