Nightlife: Late night study tips for the soul

Amanda Thompson

Most students in their college career have experienced the occasional, and perhaps, rare feeling of concentration instead of procrastination, while studying for an exam or doing homework.

Graeme Troxell, a second year masters student studying philosophy, drinks a cappuccino at Mug's Coffee Shop on Thursday afternoon. (Photo credit: Eliot Foust)
Graeme Troxell, a second year masters student studying philosophy, drinks a cappuccino at Mug’s Coffee Shop on Thursday afternoon. (Photo credit: Eliot Foust)

This burst of concentration usually comes at random times, lasts for a few hours and by the time you finally check the time on your phone, your history readings are done, composition essays are near perfect and your chemistry homework is near completed. The feeling that usually comes after this realization is shock and disbelief — how was it possible that Facebook and Snapchat were not opened once during this span of what felt like 30 minutes?


However, this extreme mode of concentration could be both a curse and blessing. By this, I mean that while it is easy to get a lot of work done during, it is also just as easy to hop off this train of concentration and never board again. Therefore, I have created this handy list of remedies and ways to prevent that horrid break in concentration. Happy studying!

Go somewhere you usually do not go to study

A change of scene usually helps fuel that motivation (if any) to study and will also prevent that break in concentration. Constantly studying at that same table by that same window on that same floor in the library eventually gets tiring and monotonous. If you are someone who usually studies from your room at your apartment or house, maybe try studying at the Sunken Lounge in the Lory Student Center, or at one of the study rooms in the Behavioral Sciences Building.

Grab a coffee or energy drink for a quick pick-me-up

Sometimes caffeine will help generate the extra concentration and energy boost needed to put the finishing touches on a 10 page essay or to pump out a few extra pages of reading. However, if caffeine is a hit or miss for you, grab something of your favorite drink instead! Disclaimer: Do not drink the citrus NOZ past 7 p.m. unless you want to stay up until 4 a.m. Trust me, I learned the hard way the next morning when I had my 9 a.m. class.

Switch your phone to airplane mode

As tough as it is, it must be done. A cell phone screen that is constantly lighting up with notifications and messages is extremely distracting and adds procrastination time even if it only takes a few minutes to text back or check how many likes your most recent Instagram picture got.

Use a computer or check out a laptop from the library instead of using your own

If you truly want to limit the amount of distractions to the bare minimum, using a laptop or computer that is not your own will prevent the temptation of opening up all the different programs and tabs that you may have saved on your personal laptop. Macs and PCs are always available for checkout at the library and Behavioral Sciences Building.

Collegian Nightlife Blogger Amanda Thompson can be reached at or on Twitter @amanduhh3003.