Bottoms up! Whiskey and more at The Whiskey

Ashley Haberman

The Whiskey (Photo: Ashley Haberman)
The Whiskey is located at 214 S College Ave #2 in Old Town Fort Collins (Photo: Ashley Haberman)

As The Whiskey is the largest whiskey bar in Colorado and the third-largest in the county, it provides the perfect spot for all-day happy hour and late-night dining.

The cozy booths, classic bar and swanky décor are illuminated in soft dim lighting and golden hues that give it that plush ambience. It even has a little bit of that 1970’s James Bond sipping a whiskey on-the-rocks feel.


The first order of business at The Whiskey is to sample their 1,500+ selection of whiskeys.

Pappy Juice ($15 per ounce) is an in-house blend that is made to imitate the special reserve 12-year Pappy Van Winkle ($45 per ounce), and does a very nice job at it, too. Served straight up with a side of ice, you should swirl it around and give a first sample. Then, toss a couple of ice cubes in to add a simple, chilled addition to a perfect sipping spirit.

The Whiskey's London Mule (Photo: Ashley Haberman)
The Whiskey’s London Mule (Photo: Ashley Haberman)

Known for their variety, sampling one of The Whiskey’s many Mules is a must. The London Mule, made with gin, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, ginger beer and bitters, was refreshing and well-balanced with a perfect mix of citrus and ginger.

An official cocktail of New Orleans, the Sazerac is known for being the first cocktail made in the United States, and The Whiskey does a great job at it. Made with rye or cognac, simple syrup, herbsaint liqueur, peychaud’s bitters and a lemon zest, the Sazerac was fantastically crafted, as well. The zest is flamed to create a strong aroma on the nose. The bitter and acidity from the zest cuts through the heat of the alcohol and creates a well-balanced drink.

The Sazerac. (Photo: Ashley Haberman)
The Sazerac. (Photo: Ashley Haberman)

Another great side to the establishment is their additional back-of-the-house bar and stage. From live music and comedy to burlesque and drag shows, The Whiskey’s calendar is always full of entertainment.

Whether for lunch, happy hour (11 a.m. to 6 p.m. all appetizers, cocktails and mules $5), or an evening out on the town, The Whiskey is a must-try experience.

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