Australia Abroad: the study in study abroad

Michelle Buser

Most people by this point in the semester are probably asking themselves, “Does she even go to class or study?” 

The answer is yes. I have gone to every single class, actually, which I think is pretty good considering that it is very easy to get distracted by Australia’s beauty. 


(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)
(Photo Courtesy: Michelle Buser.)

I have found that university life is a lot more relaxed here. It is completely normal for students to live at home, have a job and attend the university.

When we think of going to college in the United States, we think of it as a time for us to be independent from our parents and start creating our own life. Here, that is not the case.

Students live at home and travel to the university because it saves them money. They do not see it necessary to move out of their parents’ house until they are done with school and have a stable job that can pay their rent. People have time for jobs because most students are only on campus once or twice per week.

Each professor is required to record their lectures and put them up on iLearn (which is like Colorado State University’s Canvas). This is a blessing and a curse because it is really hard to convince yourself to go to class when you can just lay in your warm bed and listen to the lectures. But, of course, I always attend the live lectures. 

I have found school work to be slightly less challenging here — conversely, it’s more challenging to get the motivation to do school work. When I do decide to study, it usually takes place at a coffee shop, the library or in my room.

It is important to find a study space where you can get away from friends and social activities because, once again, it is very easy to say to yourself, “I can do this later.” The thing I find the most strange is that I do not have any tests this semester. I only have essays and readings. … Hopefully, I don’t forget my test-taking skills.

So, your question is finally answered. I am actually going to school here and studying … sometimes.


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