Active Lifestyles: Working out high or nah?

Katy Mueller


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In the spirit of 4/20, I thought it might be interesting to discuss the topic of smoking marijuana and then working out. After all, this is an exercise blog and it is the week of 4/20, so why not? Exercising while high seems to be a debated topic between some Colorado State University students here on campus. Sophomore Alli Rowley weighed in with her opinion:

“I already have a hard time wanting to work out, getting high would make me want to stay home even more than I already do,” she said.

Research comes up with varied results on this topic, however. According to, my very academic resource, reports that many people find that doing cardio while high really “sucks,” while other people think that lifting weights while high may just be the best thing ever.

Unfortunately, smoking pot raises your heart rate significantly, and working out while high raises your heart rate even more. This puts you at risk for experiencing a heart attack or other cardiac problems because of how much pressure you are putting on your heart by mixing the two activities, according to

Whether or not being high while working out is safe, the consensus seems to say that regardless of the safety, it sure is fun. Just make sure that if you are going to smoke before you work out that you don’t drive high or put yourself at risk of legal trouble or getting you and others hurt.

Happy 4/20 friends!

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