Active Lifestyles: Is it smart to work out hungover?

Katy Mueller


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We all have that goal to work out on the weekends because it’s when we finally have time. We don’t have any classes to rush to and we are pretty much free. However, there always comes that get together that results in us having one too many beers and thus, leaving us to result to sunglasses and dark rooms the following day.

Would it be a poor choice to suck it up and work out or would we just be better off laying bed for the whole day?

It turns out that, having an easy workout could be beneficial to helping you get over your hangover faster. According to, doing something low intensity can help lift your mood, energize you and reduce the effects of the headache and nausea you are feeling from over drinking. It may not be smart to do anything too crazy while feeling hungover because you might throw up.

Activities like yoga, a walk outside or a really light jog might be your best bet. 

However, because drinking causes your body to be incredibly dehydrated, hence part of the reason you get such a splitting headache when you are hungover, make sure you are drinking enough water while you doing even light exercise. It isn’t too great for your body to be dehydrated to begin with, and sweating it out too much without water isn’t going to help you feel any better in the long run.

At the end of the day, it looks like none of us really have an excuse to not workout on the weekends because of a night of bad drinking. If we can get up to walk to the fridge, we can probably go on a short walk outside. We might just need really really dark sunglasses.

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