Bottoms up! Inside the new Surfside 7 location

Ashley Haberman

While still holding on to its edgy, punk-rock vibe, Surfside 7’s new Linden Street location offers a ‘classier’ atmosphere in more ways than one.

Compared to the old location, the new Surfside appeals to a broader audience. The once absent booths and broader menu, also featuring kid’s options, shows that the new location is trying to be more than a punk-rock, beer-drinking establishment.


The moody lighting given off by vintage lamps that hang over the redone bar are a step away from the previous darkened drinkery. Where the walls were once painted dark, the new Surfside displays appealing local works of art.

Outside of these subtle, yet noticeable additions, Surfside 7 still holds the “I don’t give a shi*t” philosophy.

Instead of serving a customer the Bud Light they ordered, the bartender unnoticeably poured him a Pabst instead. And, while ordering an Apple Ginger Bucktail atop the list of house cocktails, she nonchalantly said they were out the apple cider, but then realized that maybe the Apple Ginger Bucktail didn’t include it?

While the cocktail seemed to have the ingredients that made it an apple ginger drink, the question remained unanswered to whether it included, or was missing, the house-made apple cider.

The blaring sound of the juke box made having a conversation without yelling, “what?” a challenge. But, the challenge of conversation became amusing entertainment when a guy in a denim jacket started dancing to Wang Chung’s Everybody Have Fun Tonight before it drastically changed to the notorious rapping of JayZ.

The new Surfside 7 has done a nice job of broadening into suiting all styles of life, but at dark, it morphs back into it’s loud, hard-rock essence that keeps its diehard customers coming back.

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