As told by Tam: top four spring break destinations

Tamra Smalewitz

Finally, it is March, which not only includes my birthday, but also St. Patrick’s Day and spring break. Spring break seems to be the busiest college travel day of the year, in my opinion. Everyone is jetting off to some warm destination, beach included, to suntan and drink margaritas.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Hmm, what should I do for spring break?” Well, I have a couple of suggestions you will not want to miss.



Last year, I did the stereotypical Cabo, Mexico spring break, and let me tell you, I would do that trip all over again if I could. I went with a group of 10 people — seven women and three men. We rented a house at the Resort de Pedregal that not only was walking distance from the beach, but we had our own pool in the front yard. The beaches not only had clear oceans and warm water, but were filled with spring breakers from colleges all over the states. The food was amazing and the shopping was what you would expect it to be — souvenir shops that you cannot escape. The clubs were packed with people every night, and the main event was dancing. If you have the money and the friends, I recommend going to Cabo for spring break. I know that JusCollege has deals on traveling over break for Colorado State University students.

South Padre

I have never been to South Padre, Texas, but I have heard rave reviews. A lot of my friends have gone over spring break to South Padre and have come back saying how much they enjoyed the heat, beach and various concerts. South Padre is close enough that you can road-trip there with some friends, which saves you money on expensive plane tickets and allows for new memories.

Lake Havasu

I have also never been to Lake Havasu, Arizona, but what I have heard from my friends who have been, there was nothing bad to say about it. The water activities, hiking and boating kept them busy during the day, while all the camping and partying kept them busy at night. Everything from water skiing to body surfing can be experienced at Lake Havasu during the break and it helps that the weather is hot, so you’ll never want to leave the water.

Lake Havasu’s website says, “Lake Havasu City is where you’ll learn that any guy or girl can party on one — we’re talking sandbar shindigs and lakeside beach blowouts on one of the best boating lakes in the Southwest.” The nice thing about the Lake Havasu destination is that you can drive from Colorado with some friends, which saves money on air fare.

Go home

If going somewhere for spring break is out of the picture, you can always make your own fun at home. Luckily, home for me is California, which means warm weather, the beach, shopping and home-cooked meals. I would definitely recommend California as a spring break destination because you can drive from Colorado, the weather is usually sunny and 75 degrees and the shopping is always one of the best attractions. There is also Disneyland, which allows you to find your inner child and forget about the stresses of school.

Enjoy your spring break, Rams. You deserve it, but also be safe and watch your surroundings.

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