Australia Abroad: Top 5 advantages to traveling solo

Michelle Buser

We are constantly around people. Most of the time, the people we associate with are friends, co-workers and the occasional stranger in the grocery store. We rarely have the need to step out of our comfort zone to really get to know new people and places.

Taking a break from your comfort zone and the usual routine that you have created in your life is important, even though it may be a little scary at first. As I was planning for my trip to Australia, I contemplated traveling with someone, but have realized traveling solo was the best thing I have done for myself.


You have freedom and flexibility

As a solo traveler you don’t have to tend to anyone’s needs but yours. You can eat when and where you want, sleep where you want and explore where you want. There is no schedule, you literally just do you. 

(Photo courtesy  Michelle Buser)
(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)

You discover yourself

I have discovered so much about myself here and I have only been here for three weeks. When you travel by yourself, your security blanket is gone and you have only yourself to lean on. You will learn so much about yourself in terms of what you like and dislike, along with certain personality traits and characteristics you never knew existed in you. 

You overcome your fears

As a solo traveler, you don’t have someone to do the hard things for you. You are forced to ask the stranger on the street for directions or try new food. What ever your fear is, you are forced to face it by yourself. The more you embark on adventures by yourself, the less you fear. 

You make a lot of friends

(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)
(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)

People are so friendly, especially if they see you are by yourself. I have not yet run into one person who hasn’t invited me on some sort of trip within five minutes of meeting me. Solo traveling forces you to make friends because you are not with your normal crew. At first, making friends can seem impossible and a little uncomfortable, but it just becomes normal after a while. 

You will never be judged

(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)
(Photo courtesy Michelle Buser)

If you are traveling by yourself, you won’t be judged for the things you want to indulge in. You can eat as much as you want and no one is their to notice but you. You can also go on corky adventures that other people may find strange and a little off the beaten path.

So, leave your comfort zone and go into the forest, take cooking classes, go on hikes, watch the sunset at the beach, talk to strangers and be humbled by the world around you. 



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