5 truths about the snow day/night 2.0

Amanda Thompson

CSU student showing us how to fly down the hill by the Lagoon.
CSU student showing us how to fly down the hill by the Lagoon. (CSU File Photo)

At exactly 7 a.m. Wednesday, every Colorado State University student’s phone and email dinged with a surprising and unexpected message: “CSU canceling all classes and closing offices on Wednesday, March 23, based on weather conditions and forecasts.”

Students heading to their dreaded 8 a.m. classes cheered, and the rest of the CSU population silently applauded as they lulled back into a celebratory slumber.


Last snow day Feb. 2, students were indeed ecstatic and overjoyed that the Tony Frank gods answered their prayers and cancelled classes due to the foot of snow that covered all of Fort Collins. But, this snow day is a bit different.

Due to the 70-degree weather that occurred the previous day, many were shocked that this blizzard was so huge; it marked the 2016 as the epic year that Colorado State University had two snow days in one year.

Now, even though this second snow day was definitely legen– wait for it –dary, many students such as myself, did not take full advantage of the glorious snow by building a snowman, building man-made snowboarding and skiing ramps or even having an epic snowball fight in the middle of the Oval. In fact, most students did exactly what they should be doing on an average lazy day.

  1. It’s a snow day you say? Let me just sleep for another 12 hours.

Let’s be honest…during this snow day most of us didn’t get out of bed until around 3 p.m. And, that was only to open the door for the Krazy Karl’s pizza delivery guy.

  1. A snow day on a Wednesday just means I’ll be studying from my home instead of from the library

As much as some of us wish we could have spend the glorious snow day frolicking in the snow and day drinking, our exams, projects and homework assignments did not get cancelled along with classes.

  1. And those who were day drinking…

…would have probably be day drinking even if there was not a snow day. Honestly, blizzard or no blizzard, that six-pack of Angry Orchard in the fridge is calling your name.

  1. Let the Netflix binge watching commence!

There is nothing more perfect than laying under piles of blankets with snacks, ready to finish the entire season of Making a Murderer on Netflix – a routine that happens on a daily basis regardless.

  1. And when the legendary snow day/night came to an end…

…we all dreaded the class-filled Thursday afterwards. Long live Snow Day 2.0!

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