As told by Tam: utilizing CSU’s tutoring services

Tamra Smalewitz

Throughout my entire education, I have always struggled with math and science. While in middle and high school, I had consistent math tutors to help me achieve grades I would not have been able to get on my own. 

Coming into Colorado State University, I knew that I would have to take math courses for journalism, and for me, one of those courses happened to be statistics — the dreaded statistics. Everyone I knew who had taken the class told me how hard it was and some of them even dropped the class because they were not doing well in it. 


Statistics Instructor Ben Prytherch, right, helps Hussain Alherz with his STAT 201 homework in the TiLT building Thursday afternoon.
Statistics instructor Ben Prytherch, right, helps Hussain Alherz with his STAT 201 homework in the TiLT building Thursday afternoon.

I’ve used the CSU tutoring services twice while at school — once for a coding class and I am currently using them for statistics. I have found both tutors extremely helpful in teaching me how to succeed in the courses and not feel lost while sitting in class.

Need help in school? Want to become a tutor for CSU? Read below for some sources to help you get those A and B grades in courses you thought you were going to fail.

The nice thing about CSU is that it offers both free and paid tutoring. I typically try to find the free tutoring, but sometimes I need to get a paid private tutor.

The tutoring services provide tutors in almost all CSU courses, including math, science, writing and even art.

To find a tutor, go to the TiLT website and click on the Tutoring @ CSU button. Then, you can explore all the tutors CSU has to offer, both paid and unpaid. You can also go into the TiLT building to find one as well.

There are also great online tutoring websites like Khan Academy, which provide video editorials for students to watch on different subjects they may need help on. Also, some of the math programs, like WebAssign or ITLab, provide helpful online resources on how to figure out problems  

Don’t be shy if you need help in school. Find a tutor. You do not want to be put in a situation where you are failing a class and cannot pull yourself out of it. Get ahead of the game and yourself and get a tutor before it is too late.

To become a tutor, go to the TiLT website, click on the “Tutor Tools” button and follow the directions. There are so many opportunities to make a little extra money and help others, so if you excel in a subject, apply to be a tutor to help someone else succeed.

If you need any advice or have any comments, please write in.

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