The night of Valentine’s Day

Amanda Thompson

As everyone knows, it is that time of the year again, and no I do not mean Christmas (unfortunately). It is that time of the year known as February 14, Singles Awareness Day, Discounted Chocolate Day and most commonly, Valentine’s Day.

For all my single ladies and gents out there, during the actual day on Valentine’s Day is quite average and the same as any other day – except for every other building and shop sporting pink and red hearts and roses and everything else that reminds you of how single you are.


And for all my happy couples out there, well I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of roses, chocolates, Pinterest DIY gifts, that ridiculous $300 gigantic stuffed teddy bear from Costco and a heart shaped pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s. How is that for a few last minute gift ideas for you procrastinators out there? You are welcome.

Having experienced Valentine’s Day as a single and as well as a taken individual, I believe that the night of Valentine’s Day is where things get interesting. Valentine’s Day in Fort Collins in particular is actually quite cute and memorable. With the lights of Old Town still hung up and lit, a late night stroll after or before dinner at the Melting Pot is a perfect romantic evening. For couples not into the “typical” Valentine’s date night, the underground pinball arcade is a fun and enjoyable way to bring out the laughter and friendly competition in you and your significant other. And for those who would prefer to stay home, cuddle and merely enjoy the company of one another, I heard Netflix has quite a few romantic comedies that would go perfect with cuddling and devouring chocolate.

Valentine’s Day in Fort Collins is not only fun for couples, but also memorable for those who are single as well…depending on how much jungle juice you drink at the party. Themed parties are always a huge hit during the weekend of Valentine’s Day; popular themes being single’s parties and stoplight parties.

And whether or not you believe that the night of Valentine’s Day is more fun in a relationship or single…I think we can all agree that the good ol’ days were back in elementary school where we spent an entire day passing out paper princess, superhero or baby animal valentines to everyone in the class. Those heart shaped lollipops were the bomb.

Collegian Nightlife blogger Amanda Thompson can be reached at or on Twitter @amanduhh3003.