Seriously: local couple gets 100-snap streak

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

In an age of such cynicism, romance is hard to come by. The world seems a cold and bleak place, devoid of any kind of serious relationship or commitment.

But worry not. Love is not dead. To prove it, Seriously interviewed college couple Chuck Levi and Yolanda Martinez.


Levi and Martinez’s snap streak just hit 100.

To celebrate, the pair took the bus to Olive Garden, arm in arm, miraculously managing to stay linked for the entire journey.

“Our friends call us ‘Chanda,'” said Martinez, a sophomore English major.  “I’ve had to be pretty aggressive about that nickname, though, at first they called us ‘Yuck’ which I know they meant in an endearing way, but I just didn’t think it captured our love, you know?”

Finance Major Brooke Sewell shares how she likes to check snap chat Discover stories in between classes to stay connected.
(Photo by Amanda Garcia.)

The two have focused on being the other’s sole interest for nearly two months now, or as Martinez says, “eight magical weeks.” They spend much of their waking hours sending each other sweet snaps for the sake of their streak.

The couple’s streak tactics include using emojis with hearts for eyes, filters that smooth their skin and a liberal use of geofilters, so one person knows just exactly where the other is.

“We’re really serious,” said Levi as he sipped on his 11-day-old Vitamin Water and adjusted his Beatles poster. “Everybody who knows me knows she’s my girl. And if the don’t, they just have to look at my snap story. Look me up @loverboii.”

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