Playlist of the Week: Love songs

Sarah Ross

Love Songs (via YouTube)

This week is the week of Love, thanks to Valentine’s Day. 

Here in America, love is an interesting subject. Some people can’t be without it, and they are the kind that need to be in a relationship all the time. Others avoid it like the plague, preferring casual encounters in the dead of night to soft crooning on a park bench. For them, the dreaded “L-word” is a foreign language. 


Love is one of the most powerful drivers of art in the world.

It drove Van Gogh to cut off an ear, and sparked plays such as Romeo and Juliet, as well as books such as Pride and Prejudice. We even have our modern spins, such as The Fault in Our Stars, the Notebook and Titanic, all great stories driven by the passion that is love. And then, of course, there is music. 

Love (via Pexels)

Music is one of the most utilized spaces when it comes to expressing love.

From the Beatles to Queen to Justin Beiber, every artist has a love song or two tucked away in their vest pocket, lending a unique style to what is a tale as old as time: two souls that become one. 

Many of these songs are old, but gold, but there are some newer ones from the gyration generation that still touch on the power of a love that defies description. Just because the feeling is as old as time itself, doesn’t mean these new artists on the scene cannot express something new.

That’s the wonderful thing about being in love: everyone knows what it feels like, what it looks like, yet everyone experiences it differently.

In the spiral down from the holiday of lovers, here are some songs to cherish with your loved on. It’s not too late to  make them a mixed CD of the songs that you love that remind them of you. Trust me, from experience, that one is a heart-melter. 

What did we miss? What songs don’t quite capture that lovin’ feeling? What are some songs that give you the feels? Let us know in the comments.

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