What’s in a name: Kanye’s beef with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Sarah Ross

Kanye West at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. (Via Collegian Archives.)

Kanye has done what his wife has claimed to do but never actually done: He broke the Internet with his insane tweets. 

Kanye West is releasing a new album, entitled “Waves,” which is expected to come out Feb. 11 to a worldwide debut. The name “Waves,” however, throws back to a rapping style created by Max B., and Wiz Khalifa jumped in to try and defend the right of the rapper to the name. 



Wiz Khalifa. (Via Wikimedia.)

Kanye, who is not a man who takes anything lying down, stole the figurative mic yet again and fired back at Khalifa, insulting his rapping style, calling him his underling and insulting him by claiming that West was somehow responsible for the child of Khalifa and his wife, model Amber Rose, who had previously dated West. 

The tweets have since been deleted by West, but TheVerge.com has recreated all of the tweets from various screen captures to show what happened during the feud. Kanye stated on Twitter that he took down the tweets in order to restore the positive vibes, but then immediately falsely claimed that Khalifa lost two million followers. 

Kanye, who has gotten flak over bringing Amber Rose and her son into the mix, has since apologized for his deleted comments.

This, of course, came after Amber Rose fired back, calling Kanye’s sexual habits with her into the public eye, acts which he has since denied. This is also after his wife, Kim Kardashian, has tweeted a picture of her with Amber Rose, a move many people think was directed at Kanye so that he’d get his ego back in check and end the feud.  

Amber Rose. (Via Wikimedia.)



Khalifa kept his act calm and collected during the Twitter feud for the most part, but he was recorded at his concert in Argentina saying, “F*ck Kanye!” to the crowd. 

Beef aside, this little drama has garnered a lot of attention for both individuals’ upcoming albums. Kanye West’s “Waves” debuts Feb. 11, and Wiz Khalifa’s self-titled album “Khalifa” drops Feb. 5.


Was this a publicity stunt? Or just Kanye being Kanye? Did he go too far? Let us know in the comments.

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