Empowering bodies through music

Sarah Ross

Headphones. (Via Pixabay.)

Today is the beginning of Body Acceptance Week.

Body acceptance is a touchy subject here in America. First, it was too many skinny girls and not enough big-thighed babes. Then, it was too many butts and not enough support to the more delicate ladies.


We cannot seem to settle on a point in which we can cherish one body type without the other feeling unappreciated or like they are being ragged on, and we cannot seem to get one to praise the other as equally acceptable, even though bodies come in all shapes and sizes. So what can we do to bridge this gap? The answer, as always, is music.

Listening to music. (Via Pexels.)

There has been music for every kind of body type throughout the last few decades: big, small, wide, slim, big booty and small booty. Sure, lately there have been songs that have heavily emphasized junk in the trunk, but there are songs that are geared to make everyone feel beautiful.

Many of these songs focus on woman empowerment and the need to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what you are wearing or what size you are. To show you what I mean, I have scoured the Internet in search of the best body-positive songs for every shape and size, and I have compiled a 40-song list of the best ones I could find.


Music. (Via Pexels.)

Hopefully you found a song that you connected with, and I personally hope that this playlist will boost you on days that you are low. It also doubles as a great workout playlist, and if you want to use it while working out in ways that avoid the harsh realities that are the gym, go ahead to AltLife and read my article for Body Acceptance Week there. 

What did we miss? What songs may send the wrong body positive message? What are some ways you help yourself feel more body positive? Let us know in the comments.

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