As told by Tam: why one major is not harder or better than another

Tamra Smalewitz

Going through high school, I had always heard people say, “I’m going to be a doctor. I’m going to be a teacher. I’m going to run a multi-million-dollar corporation” or “I’m going to do this major because it is easiest.” These are all great aspirations, do not get me wrong, but one thing kept sticking in my mind.

What makes one major harder than another?


Simple question, right? Wrong.

There is no easy major and there are no hard majors. Yes, there are students in the world taking chemistry, engineering or any of those biomedical classes, but the question is, are those classes hard for them? The answer: probably not, because if those classes were hard, then those students would not be taking and doing well in them.

I, myself, cannot for the life of me succeed with an A or B in any science or math class except algebra. When taking math or sciences classes, I tend to barely achieve a C, and I am okay with that because I know I am not going to be a doctor, scientist, engineer or any other career that is heavily based off of math and science classes.

At first, I saw any majors involving math and science classes as hard. But then, I thought that for the students in those majors, those classes are easy. I thought about the students taking those courses who probably do not succeed as well in other courses which do not revolve around math or science. Maybe those science majors cannot write an essay as easily as a journalism major, or maybe they cannot paint or draw as well as an art major.

I have friends in various majors here at CSU, including business, journalism, communications, art, veterinary sciences, health and exercise science (they are on the pre-med route) and engineering. I used to think that business, engineering and many more were “hard” majors, but now I know they are not.

For the students in those majors, it is easy, they are succeeding everyday doing things they love and that is how I am with my major. Yes, every major gives out different amounts of work to their students, but if they could not handle that work, they would not be in that major and they sure as heck would not be succeeding.

I know that journalism, communications, art, history, English and many more are labeled as the “easy” majors, while business, the sciences, engineering and many more are labeled as the “hard” majors.

There is no such thing as an easy or hard major — there are just majors, and if you find what you are good at, then you will find your major to be easy.

Nobody in this world is good at everything, everybody struggles at something and that is okay. Some cannot do sports, while others cannot do art. So, next time you are with your friends and they say, “Oh, your major is easy because it is communications,” ask them, “How would you know it is easy — have you ever taken an upper-level communications class? If it were so easy, why didn’t you major in it?”

In my opinion, there are no “easy” or “hard” majors, there are just majors.


Find the one you are good at and succeed in it, because that is the best form of revenge you can get on someone who calls your major “easy.” Likewise for the “hard” majors, think about if you had to do something in someone else’s major. Would it be an easy task for you? Honestly, probably not, so let’s stop labeling majors and start helping each other succeed in college.

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