The Weird News Quiz

Fark logo used from 1999 2011
Fark logo used from 1999 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here at AltLife, we’ve covered some weird things. From men who paint with their members to professional mermaids to barbie women to a man paddling a pumpkin down a river, we have seen it all. But can you really pass a quiz based on the weirdest news out there?

Welcome back to another edition of the weekly Fark Weird News Quiz. Every week we write a few questions on randomly picked weird news stories from the week. If you’re ready to start, click the link below. There’s also a more challenging version of the quiz that’s available right here.


Have fun, and good luck!

The Rules: Click any answer to proceed to the next question. There is no time limit, however your time is being tracked. Your score is tallied as you go, and once you finish, your final score will be presented to you!” “

To take the quiz, click here.