The Pregnancy Selfie We Needed

Pregnancy. It’s a glamorized or exaggerated affair, where you either feel like you will have a rosy glow and have a flat stomach a week after birth, or be sick and on the toilet the whole nine months prior. But this woman shared her true self after her pregnancy, and it was beautiful.

“For Andrews, the postpartum experience is familiar; this was her fifth birth, and she is also a mother to a 15-, 11-, 5-, and 3-year-old. But this time, she said she was “called to share this image” with other mothers.


“This is my last baby, and I was feeling very emotional knowing that was the last time I would look and feel this way. So often the BIG feelings and changes we go through as new mothers are overlooked, brushed aside, or misunderstood completely. I shared the image to my Instagram feed to journal about my feelings (it’s how I navigate the world, with words.) It was only my intention to show the beauty I felt at that very moment,” Andrews told TODAY Parents.”

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A constant state of flux. Swinging back and forth between a world of euphoria and a state of heavy sadness. The last baby/empty womb syndrome is major folks. Like squeeze my heart, hard to breathe, grasping for solid ground major. He acts like a bandaid on my heart, snuggled up against my chest, his breaths warm and soothing on my soul. Swallowed up in swift change I seek permanency but as any wise person will attest, nothing in life is permanent…but love. Love has seen me through these undulating days that transition into the dusk of night. Love has held me together at the bursting seams of my heart. I am experiencing growing pains as I transition into my new role as a mother for the fifth and final time and the pains remind me of just how human I am. I am thankful for this time no matter how difficult some of the moments can become because I know they are creating me to be the person this new little soul needs. #fourthtrimester #heartwideopen

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