Seriously: Business major busy with business

Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick

Nick Thompson, a junior business major, has found himself very busy with matters of business.

“Well, not that it’s any of your business, but I have become busy with the business of creating a business,” Thompson said.


For years now, Thompson showed signs of becoming a busy-body entrenched in business, but friends of Thompson never predicted how busy with business the business major might become.

“He was always in the business of business. I just never saw how business-orientated he would become,” Lara Mercery, friend of Thompson, said. “Lately with him, he’s just straight to business. But I’m proud, he really looks like he’s taking care of business.”

Thompson’s parents were also business majors, they run a small family business out of their home in Oregon. According to the couple, their son has always been one to get down to business.

“Nicky has always been all business, he really busied himself in the business of others, as well as other matters of business,” Sandra Thompson, mother of Thompson, said.

His major in business contributed to how busy he has become with his business lately.

The business major appears to have a bright and busy future ahead of him, but for now, Thompson has business to attend to.

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