Outdoor Living Communities

English: I took this picture of the beach in I...
The beach in Isla Vista 

Living in the outdoors is some peoples dreams, but for others, it’s a near reality. This location takes pride on it’s outdoorsy style, and it is being recognized for it.

” Geodesic domes glow with strings of lights, local artists jam to their own tunes, and community art is displayed along the lawns. On the first Friday of every month, one of Isla Vista’s parks — typically around the bottom of the “Loop” downtown — hosts an Isla Vista First Friday — a community-oriented, arts-focused block party that originally emerged from a UCSB class focused on hands-on, I.V.-based projects. As the university and resident groups have begun taking a more active role in influencing I.V.’s culture and directing its ongoings, the town’s parks have once again become the stage upon which the community expresses its zeitgeist.”


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