Important info on campus sports activities, clubs for incoming freshmen

Junior Guerrero

Welcome to Colorado State University! As students begin to move in and get accustomed to college life, they tend to search for new activities to engage in. These activities can be based on personal interests, a way of meeting new people or just staying active and healthy. Intramural and club sports are a great way to make friends and participate in a friendly or competitive environment.

Intramural sports have over 36,000 participants ever year, as CSU offers a wide variety of clubs and intramural activities for everyone. Not only are there plenty of options to choose from, but there is also an option of competitiveness on each sport. Each league is based on personal interest and how invested one is to each activity.


Women play basketball
Olivia Chapman, a third-year student at Colorado State University, shoots a basket during an intramural basketball game on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019. “I play intramural basketball because I played in high school,” Chapman said. “Sportsmanship and competition were what made me excited to go to school. I love being a part of a team and seeing and aiding in the success of my teammates.” Grace Schatz | Collegian

If someone is just interested in having fun and meeting new people, there is a lower league for that. On the flip side, if someone is very competitive and has a history of sports, there is a league for that. CSU intramurals also offer men’s, women’s and even co-ed leagues on some sports.

Some of the more popular sports are basketball, volleyball, flag football and soccer. All of these sports have different variations that include the size of teams and whether it’s played indoors or outdoors.

There are also sports like archery, badminton, bowling, dodge ball, kickball and even spike ball.

These are just a few options for sports that are offered. The entire list can be found on the CSU Recreational Center website (links can be found at the bottom of the article).

CSU also offers many club sports as well. These include baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball. All of these sports have men’s and women’s leagues, except for a select few. These sports will have tryouts and a fee to go along with it. Most sports will practice Monday-Friday for a few hours a day.

Other club sports that are offered include climbing, rugby, cycling, disc golf, rodeo and even shotgun sports. All of these sports are a great way of doing what you love to do and taking some stress off at the same time.

With such a wide variety of options to choose from, there is an intramural activity or club sport for everyone.

Good luck incoming Rams, and have a great year!

For more information on intramural sports, here is CSU’s intramural website, and for the social media (Facebook/Twitter page) with scheduling info, click here.

For information on club sports, click here (scroll to the top right bar and hover over the sports clubs tab to find your desired sport).


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