CSU women’s lacrosse team heading into unchartered territory at nationals

Lisa Fernholz (16) practices with the women's lacrosse team on the West Lawn. The Rams will play at Westminster College in Utah today.

They’ve got clam chowder and Tom Brady. That’s about the only knowledge the women’s lacrosse team has about the New England team that they play this morning.


The Rams are set to play the Northeastern University Huskies Wednesday at 10:30a.m. in Colorado Springs for the first game of the WCLA championship tournament.

CSU and NU have never had a chance to meet up over the years, so both teams are heading into this game without knowing much about the other.

“Being a New England team, we do not know what to expect from Colorado, as far as their style of play and game mentality,” NU captain Rachel Shaffer said.

Despite that, and having to travel across country on a plane to Colorado Springs, the Huskies are only slightly leery of CSU and playing in a new state.

“The only disadvantage would be the change in altitude that our team must adjust to, whereas Colorado State is used to it,” Shaffer said.

Finishing 8-4 in the regular season, the Northeastern club team’s track record isn’t quite as sparkly as the one boasted by CSU, but they have consistently finished in the top 25 in the nation, and they are fresh  off of a NEWLL regionals victory.

“This is nationals, anything can happen,” senior captain Sarah Langlie said. “We are going into this game like it is the championship, we don’t take anything for granted.”

Preparedness is one of the qualities the women’s lacrosse team can pride themselves on. They finished undefeated this season because of their ability to take every game seriously regardless of their opponent.

They have refused to let themselves get cocky, and have been respectful of every team they have faced, treating each game as if it was their last. But, they haven’t let themselves get over hyped about a game either. They have been able to contain their nerves and play the game they know even in pressured situations.

Nationals will be no different, the Rams have had two weeks off since their last game against BYU, and have used that time to continue to prepare for this moment.


“It was good to be able to rest our bodies, and catch up on school work,” Langlie says. “But whatever happens this week, we will know that we have played our hearts out and done the best we could. We have had such an amazing season.”

Win or lose, the Rams will celebrate their historic season with an awards banquet after Wednesday’s game at 4p.m. But, if all goes as planned, the dinner will turn into a pep rally for the rest of Nationals play.

CSU’s goal from the start of the season was a national championship, and the time is nearing for that goal to be met.

“We have already accomplished so much this season and have become such a tight knit unit,” senior captain Maddie Garcia said. “If we come out and play state lacrosse, we will come out with a win, and in four days, a national championship.”

Women’s Lacrosse Beat Reporter Cali Rastrelli can be reached at sports@collegian.com.