CSU sweeps San Jose State for the second time this season

The matchup between the San Jose Spartans and the Rams on Thursday night had an element of deja-vu.

When these two teams first met, the Rams took a commanding lead early on and swept the Spartans. In their second matchup on Thursday, the Rams managed to facilitate the same outcome, taking three consecutive sets at 27-25, 25-14 and 25-15.


“Coming into tonight we expected to win, but we knew it would be harder here than it would be at (Moby),” head coach Tom Hilbert said.

In the first set of the game, the Rams got a little bit of a scare from the Spartans as they were able to keep it close, tying up the score five times. However, in the second and third sets, the Rams ran away with it.

“We just did the right things. It came down to scoring more points that we serve which we weren’t doing in the first set. That’s an important part of the game and we weren’t doing it, but we were not letting them score either which is also important,” Hilbert said. “I felt like squeaking out that first set was good for us.”

The top performers of the night were Samantha Peters and Marlee Reynolds, accompanied by Kelsey Snider. Peters had a kill percentage of .706 for the night and led the team with 12 kills and three blocks.

“With our situation right now, we know we have to win pretty much every game left in conference in order to host the tournament which would be a huge advantage,” Peters said. “So that’s kind of our motivator right now. Plus we’re the type of team that hates losing so we’re going to let that motivate us for every game.”

With this matchup being one of the last of four for their season, the Rams are one step closer to having a perfect record. They look to their next game on Saturday on the road facing Fresno State, but are confident in keeping their winning streak alive.

“We’ve just got to keep doing the things we’ve been doing all year (to end the season perfectly),” Hilbert said. “Fresno is going to be way better than San Jose State, but our team is very likely to play with a lot more alertness.”

Collegian Sports Writer Hannah Cornish can be reached at sports@collegian.com.