In Peyton We Trust


Don’t trust someone further than you can throw them.



One might think that my broken collarbone would be the result from me actually trying to toss a real person, but I didn’t even have to try picking up Peyton Manning before I handed over all of my personal trust that most people have to work for.

And that feeling is mutual.

Manning can try to throw me anytime he decides to respond to my phone calls. However, as long as he continues to throw the football the way he has all year, he will have the entire city of Denver ready to blindly fall backwards knowing that he will be there to catch us.

In case there were any question if Peyton still has what it takes to be an elite quarterback in the NFL, the 2012 regular season answered any uncertainty that may have lingered.

Manning has shattered multiple franchise records, set by the almighty John Elway, with 4,659 passing yards from 400 completions for 37 touchdowns, giving him a 105.8 passer rating — all good for the best in the 52 year history of the Denver Broncos football organization.

Those numbers have boosted his team to the No. 1 spot in the AFC.

That spot doesn’t get any sweeter, considering all of Denver’s postseason games until the Super Bowl will be played in our house a mile above sea level, where the Broncos have a nearly flawless 7-1 record.

I wish the best of luck (not really) to Tom Brady when he has to play a team looking for revenge, in a stadium where the air is thin and 76,125 fans, all who despise him, show up to scream and yell as one voice.

The New England Patriots should sleep with the night light on while not playing in Foxboro.


The Denver defense that has risen to the third best in the league has given true definition to the term “Orange Crush.” On top of it all, we have a guy nicknamed “The Sheriff” running the entire offense from the line of scrimmage.

This is a fact that I still, to this day, struggle with wrapping my head around.

Mr. Manning, back in March you could have gone anywhere. But I truly want to believe that you chose Denver for the sole purpose of putting a smile on my face on a weekly basis since early October.

Quite the turn of events from crossing our fingers for dumb luck just a year ago, when we had Tim Tebow leading our team with more sermon than a game plan.

So why not be excited like a fat girl waiting for cake?

Running on 11 consecutive wins, the Denver Broncos are red hot for the first time since I was all of seven years old.

The last time any Broncomaniac was this ecstatic about wearing blue and orange was 14 years ago when we watched our beloved Elway get showered in confetti as he hoisted the Lombardi trophy to the sky in tears following a Super Bowl XXXIII victory.

And boy — are we ready to party like it’s 1999.

Quentin Sickafoose is a junior Journalism & Technical Communications major. He can be reached at