Young CSU volleyball players Peters, Snider expect success for 2012

CSU volleyball’s Samantha Peters and Kelsey Snider have no question that the team will mark this season a win.

As second-year Rams, Peters and Snider feel like they know what to expect from their team and coaches.


“I think we’re really prepared this year,” Snider said. “Last year I think since no one had really played that big of a team (like Nebraska), it was kind of a shock. But this year it’s not that big of a deal.”

Snider and Peters are more than up for the challenge knowing that the team has a long list of vigorous competitors this season

“I think we’re more fired up than anything,” Peters said. “Mentally and physically.”

The players also said that their team is excited to play Denver because former CSU assistant coach, Jesse Mahoney, is the new coach of the Pioneers this year.

The two players also know the assets that each of them will bring to the team since last year, especially after their summer work.

“I would say blocking, but I’ve gotten a lot better at ball-handling as of lately,” Peters said.

Both players bettered their skills this summer by playing doubles for sand volleyball programs where they learned new techniques to add on the court.

“It’s definitely a different atmosphere, it helps us work on our hitting out a system and our ball control,” Peters said. “It’s not really that hard to transition back. It’s just taking what we learned over the summer and applying it to our indoor game.”

Peters and Snider also said they were both influenced by athletes in this summer’s London Olympics.

“I would say Missy Franklin is my favorite athlete.” Peters said, “Not only the way she competes at her age, she just seems really mature and I really admire that.”


Snider admitted that although she sees olympian Destiny Hooker as an inspiration to her volleyball career, she is not Snider’s favorite athlete. Surprisingly, she said her favorite is New York Jet Tim Tebow.

“Yes, he is very attractive,” she said, “but I like how he incorporates religion with his sport.”

Snider realizes some people think he’s a little “too much,” but, she appreciates that he adds more to the game than just playing quarterback.

The Rams can expect more in their games, especially with Peters and Snider on the court.

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