Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Free Speech issue of Justice for All

Both of my sections of Moral and Social Problems, PHIL 103 decided in extensive discussions on Monday and Tuesday of this week that the Abortion structure should not be allowed in the free speech zone of CSU anymore (even those who are pro-life agreed). Free Speech was our class topic just last week, so we are armed with good definitions of moral language. It is immoral of CSU to allow it because it does real harm to real people. We think it constitutes hate speech in the same way that racist or sexist language does, for these reasons:

  1. It is an emotional shock wave for women who need compassion, understanding and real information about pregnancy.

  2. It is inappropriate and offensive to our academic community because it exists in this free speech space counter to the university’s mission to educate and teach critical thinking. It is not legitimate speech in the context of our university community, which has a civil conduct code based on the values of the academy, not to mention a commitment to diversity.

  3. It is the opposite of rational conversation. It does nothing to encourage further conversation, but rather stops rational conversation about this contentious moral and social issue.

  4. It does psychological damage to women who may have already had an abortion and suffer emotional damage from the guilt they must carry for a lifetime. This could apply to the fathers of those fetuses as well if they helped make that difficult decision with a romantic partner. It is very hard to avoid seeing it, particularly since the Lory renovations have made it almost impossible to avoid.

Don’t put it up again!


Jo Ann Hedleston is a Philosophy Department Instructor