LTTE: The importance of creativity in the community

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In the middle of a pandemic, wildfires and other omens of uncertainty surrounding our
community, creativity can either flourish or diminish. Our campus is filled with writers, creators, artists and visionaries. What space do they have to share their work with our community?


Greyrock Review, Colorado State University’s undergraduate literary journal, has opened up for submissions and wants to hear the diverse voices of our CSU community. We want to see your creativity flourish, and we refuse to let it diminish.

Creativity in the middle of what we are living through is confined to Zoom meetings, the
occasional class project and the restrictions of a socially distant life. Surely we all have felt ourselves giving in to the disastrous atmosphere. Students have lost the intimacy of connecting with their classmates, their campus, their resources and perhaps their own creativity.

“We all can get lost in what is happening around us and lose something that can give us relief.”

In times like these, expression is of the utmost importance. Writing a story, a poem, an essay or creating art — it is all essential as an outlet in the middle of uncertainty. Your creative work is something you can control, even when everything else seems out of your grasp. Forget about the pandemic and the wildfires for a moment — what speaks to you? What do you want to share with this community?

Creativity is something that is always available. Yet it seems that many outside factors
hinder the ability to create something you’re passionate about. We all can get lost in what is happening around us and lose something that can give us relief.

Connecting to yourself, your story and your talent is essential for getting through times like these. It is so easy for our community to feel beaten down by everything that is happening around us.

Our passions are restricted, and we cannot live our lives in the same manner. The longevity of this lifestyle can make us feel defeated, bogged down and unsure of where to turn. Being creative is a way for us to overcome this reality and bring us to a new place. Bring your creativity back to the surface and share it with a new creative community.

Greyrock Review is run by undergraduate students for undergraduate students. All
undergraduate students are welcome to submit regardless of major or year in school. Students can submit here. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 20. We are here for you, to read and share what you have to say. It can be a work of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction or visual art.

Create something for us. Whatever it is, let us be your outlet.

Aubrie Dickson

Associate Creative Nonfiction Editor for Greyrock Review


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