LTTE: An endorsement for Hannah Taylor

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Editor’s Note: Hannah Taylor works as the alumni coordinator at Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, which houses The Collegian. Tristan Syron was a former board member at RMSMC. The Collegian does not endorse any individual candidate. 



It may be the case that the opinion of a former Associated Students of Colorado State University president and recent graduate is not worth much, but I would be remiss if I did not tell you to vote for Hannah Taylor. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the other candidates and cannot speak on their campaigns, but what I do know is that Hannah is the most uniquely driven and friendly person I have had the honor of calling my friend and team member.

Hannah joined the executive cabinet mid-semester and quickly became an essential part of the team. She took time to research platforms and goals in order to maximize her contributions starting on her first day. During her interview, I found myself answering her questions about the job, which ultimately improved my strategies moving forward.

Hannah accomplishes any task that is given to her because she desires to help those around her. Initially, Hannah’s job description was vague when she started working for my administration. She could have done the bare minimum, but instead she found new duties for the job and transformed the position. Hannah increased attendance for Day at the Capital, led our housing reform efforts, revolutionized alumni relations for Rocky Mountain Student Media, is the director of membership selection for her sorority and the list goes on.

Hannah improves the lives of everyone around her and is committed to making a difference in your life as a student. As someone who used to have this job, I know what it takes to do it well. I have a large ego, and it is tough to say this, but she would probably do better than I did.

Tristan Syron

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