Rego: Farewell Fifty Shades of Shay

Shay Rego

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Dear reader,


It is with a heavy heart that I write this. It never felt like this day would come, but here it is; this is the last Fifty Shades of Shay article at The Collegian.

It feels like only yesterday that I published my first official article of the column. Now as I graduate with the class of 2020, I will be taking the column with me.

The column has not only been an educational experience for my readers, but myself also. I’ve discovered new ways of approaching such taboo subjects and have become well-versed on how to create a science-based discussion on sex.

This column was never intended to be about a white girl writing her sexual experiences, but rather a truly research-based resource for people to learn about specific endeavors related to topics regarding sex. I think I did pretty OK.

As I’ve said before, the column has been able to entertain and engross students of Colorado State University, as well as educate its readers. I know my column has definitely sparked discussions among peers, and it maybe even made you ask your own questions. I only hope that another successor comes along soon to again write the sex column.

I am so proud to have been able to revitalize The Collegian’s sex column. Being a part of this was definitely an irreplaceable experience. What made my job all the better was the replies I got from many readers thanking me for writing such educational articles on such taboo subjects.

I will miss the excitement I feel from knowing my article will be consistently running every Wednesday, and I’m sure there are a few of you that will also find sadness in me relinquishing this column.

Thank you for reading and supporting Fifty Shades of Shay. Farewell from your beloved sex columnist.


Shay Rego, the creator of Fifty Shades of Shay


P.S. Although my time at The Collegian has come to an end, I will be reinventing the sex column. If you are still interested in following my sex articles, please check out Fifty Shades of Shay: A Blog, where I will continue to honor my original column with educational and quality posts biweekly.

Shay Rego can no longer be reached at, but you can still follow her on Twitter @shay_rego.