Bailey: Celebrities are the true victims of COVID-19

Fynn Bailey

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Celebrities are the real heroes during this time of crisis, sharing so many great videos telling people to stay home and stay safe. When Arnold Schwarzenegger tells me to stay home from his Jacuzzi while smoking a cigar at his mansion, I know that we really are all in the same boat.


Billions of people around the world are being negatively affected by the ongoing pandemic. People are losing work, the economy is suffering, people are dying due to lack of proper medical care and worst of all, celebrities aren’t getting enough attention.

Cooped up in their $15 million mansions, surrounded by luxury after luxury, no one really could have it harder than celebrities right now.

All their events have been canceled. They haven’t been interviewed in God knows how long. All their movies and concerts are being pushed back, and they are nowhere near the center of attention.

It is truly a dark time for celebrities. We should all feel very sorry for them and be completely impressed by their efforts to put on a brave face for us, the little people.

Did you see when a handful of them sang “Imagine” off-key, without music and only half of the song? That was POWERFUL. That might just be the turning point for society. It’s only up from here. Gal Gadot has created a genuine moment of human connection from this crisis and Instagrammed it.

You can really feel Vanessa Hudgens’ pain for missing Coachella. She has suffered like no other, and we should all forgive her immediately for seemingly caring more about Coachella than about the people being genuinely affected by COVID-19.

This crisis will be remembered in the history books for countless years to come. Let those books remember two things above all else: that our celebrities were there for us in our time of need and that their sacrifice was the greatest of all. We should also remember that this was really all about the biggest diva: Donald Trump.

For what celebrity will have suffered more than the master apprentice himself, the Don? He says that the criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus is some huge ploy to affect his poll numbers, and he might just be right. This is all about him and all celebrities like him after all.


If you too believe that something should be done to help these brilliant stars who guide us through this dark night, then please open your hearts, your wallets and your eyes to them. Ignore the news, and watch only their Instagram updates. When they stream, make sure you leave a giant tip. Together we can make this horrible time a little bit easier for those with everything, but not enough.

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