Rego: Sex syllabus for freshmen

Shay Rego

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the following column are those of the writer only and do not necessarily represent the views of The Collegian or its editorial board.

Welcome Colorado State University class of 2023! You’re about to begin your college career, and with that hard studying also comes the partying, the friends — and of course — the hookups.


Finding and executing a hookup for freshmen can sometimes be difficult or awkward. Here are a few tips for how to best enjoy your first college hookup experiences and how to avoid total disaster.


Always remember condoms. Everyone needs to have them — it’s not just the man’s responsibility. It’s very typical for people to pull the whole, “Oh, I don’t have one on me,” in order to receive more pleasure from bare sex.

However, that behavior is extremely risky. Not only are you exposing yourself to the possibility of unknown STDs, but you’re also running the risk of dealing with a pregnancy. We’re here to hookup, not be parents. No matter who you are and no matter where you go, you should always carry condoms.

You’ll learn things really quick in college — what works for you and what doesn’t — so remember that these tips are just to get you started.


Be aware of your surroundings, especially in the dorms. Living in a 10 feet by 10 feet room with another person doesn’t give much room for privacy. Talk to your roommate and establish a hookup policy. Maybe that means leaving some sort of an indicator, like the stereotypical sock, on the door knob so that they know what’s happening on the other side. Whatever it may look like, be courteous and always shoot them a text to give them a heads up. It’s their room too, so don’t get greedy with time consumption.

Avoid drunk sex 

Being in college with a new sense of independence can easily lead to overdrinking. Typically, one of two things can happen with drunk sex — you can either get too hammered from your first fraternity party and end up regretting unprotected sex with someone you don’t know, or you can be too intoxicated, leaving you extremely vulnerable to sexual assault.

The first few weeks of college are known as the red zone, as it poses the highest risk times for sexual assault due to this exact scenario of being new to college, partying and getting too drunk.

Hookups and affection

Don’t hookup with someone for affection. A lot of people in college might not be ready for a relationship and are just looking for some fun. Don’t sleep with someone to get them to like you. It can be tempting, but you’re only going to end up getting your heart broken. Remember, it’s called a hookup for a reason.


Don’t underestimate the power of Tinder. Although it’s highly encouraged to meet people in person, it doesn’t always work out for everyone. A lot of college kids have a Tinder, so if you’re struggling to find an in-person hookup, you should definitely download Tinder. It’s an easy to use app to find people to simply hookup with. Keep swiping right until you find your match.

Hookups are supposed to be fun, but do them responsibly. Utilize these beginner tips in order to get the ball rolling. You’ll learn things really quick in college — what works for you and what doesn’t — so remember that these tips are just to get you started.

Shay Rego can be reached at or on Twitter at @shay_rego.