Letters: Response to “Top 5 whitest things to do in Fort Collins”

Guest Author

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Dear editor,
This is a response to the satire “Top 5 whitest things to do in Fort Collins.”
I reviewed the satire piece on the top 5 whitest things to do in Fort Collins. I read the editor’s note and still find the writing offensive. As a fellow writer, I was disappointed to see someone would take the time to write a discriminatory piece that left out the many other racial groups in Fort Collins. 
I’m an African American who has lived here for over 10 years. Year after year I have witnessed this town become a city— taking steps to become rich with diversity and culture. The satire piece undermines the years of long progress our community has made with becoming more connected through diversity. 
I ask that the author do their research and truly think about the pieces of writing they wish to share with the community. The target audience may be Caucasian college students, but it is not the only audience there is. 
Hammocking, visiting Horsetooth or a brewery are things EVERYONE does. From the white college students to the black college students— from Hispanic individuals and families to friends of mine who came here from Africa. In essence, everyone can find leisure from hammocking or drinking beer. People all around the world participate in these activities, more so than the white college students the author only refer to. 
I hope the author learns to grow as a writer and becomes culturally competent of other minorities who reside right next door. I go to MSU Denver and it is engulfed with culture, never have I felt left out due to my race. It’s horrible to think fellow students at CSU are feeling belittled, confused and left out of the published satire piece. 
I know that the satire piece is opinionated and for entertainment purposes. Inadvertently, the article segregated people from doing the fun things in Fort Collins that any and everyone can do. The satire piece truly hurt feelings. I hope the author learns from this experience and ceases to make further mistakes like this publicly. 
Thank you,
Maryssa Yarbrough
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